We aim to provide a comprehensive resources area here for artists, on everything from colour management to file preparation, choosing papers and questions to ask your lab along with a bibliography and links to useful web resources.

In the meantime, here are a few answers to questions we are often asked&hellips;

What type of output do you offer?

Our prints are referred to as Archival Pigment Prints. They meet the highest international standards required by public collections, many galleries and museums. They are sometimes referred to as Giclée Prints though beware - not all Glicée Prints are Archival Pigment Prints. We and many galleries use the latter term with preference to express the fact that the prints are made using pigment inks (extremely lightfast) onto Archival Acid Free Fine Art Papers.

Does your practice work to an internationally recognised standard?

Yes. We are members of the UK Fine Art Trade Guild. As Fine Art Printers our prints have been lab tested to prove their archival properties. We have also been approved by the organisation themselves to ensure our processes are to a standard. Also, any editions we do are logged with Trade Guild into a central database that is freely searchable to the general public. We are currently the only printers in Ireland to hold membership of the Guild.

What sizes and volumes can you output to?

Our printer's current maximum width is 162.5cm (64""). A roll length is 1200cm. However not all papers are available for the maximum width. While most of our clients work with small edition numbers we can print much larger volumes. Please ask us for a schedule and quote.

Do you use custom profiles?

We use custom profiles as and when they are required. All new papers are thoroughly tested before we offer them to clients. If your project requires a particular paper that we do not stock as standard please let us know if it requires a custom profile we can arrange it for you.

Can you supply profiles for softproofing?

Yes. We can supply a profile for all of our standard papers.

Do you provide proof prints?

Yes. Our proof prints are printed to the same exacting standard as the final edition prints. The final proof is retained by Exhibit A so that we can use it as a reference for all future prints in the edition. The final proof is signed and dated by the artist and the studio.

How do you ship prints?

We ship prints in specially designed corriboard envelopes that have been engineered for maximum strength and protection of your prints. The prints are wrapped in acid free tissue before they are placed in the envelope. If you require shipment of a framed print we fully pad a double walled cardboard box with bubble wrap. All prints are then hand delivered by courier.

Can I see a client list?

Certainly. You can find a list of recent clients here.

Can I see some samples of work you have produced?

Some of our clients' work is proudly displayed on the walls of our studio showing the range of papers and various finishes we can provide you with. We also have various publications by clients in our reception area which you can browse through with a cup of coffee. Finally, have a look at our news blog to see where our clients are currently exhibiting if you want to see more some work of their work.